Exit your smallcase partially

Now you can withdraw partially from your smallcase and book profits

smallcase is the easiest way to invest in stock portfolios 

The experience of investing in smallcases is very similar to that in mutual funds, at the same time, also provides the flexibility to modify stocks/weights for a particular smallcase when required

Introducing another feature to help you manage your smallcase investments better – Partial Exit

Partial exit


Till now, exiting a smallcase would help you place sell orders for all the shares of stocks you hold in the smallcase & redeem the current value of the smallcase

Partial exit is the latest addition to managing your smallcase. Through this feature, you can place a sell order for a specified sum of money, that is, a portion of the total value of your smallcase. For example, if your investment is Rs. 100, you can partially exit your smallcase by placing sell orders worth Rs. 80

Removing/managing stocks vs Partial Exit

When you remove or manage stocks in a smallcase, you’re placing sell orders for individual stocks by choosing the number of shares of a particular stock you’d like to sell – hence changing the weighting scheme of the smallcase

With partial exit, you will be placing sell orders for a specific amount of the current value of your smallcase ensuring minimum deviation for the weighting scheme of your smallcase 

How it works

Select Exit Type

  • Upon navigating to the ‘Manage’ section for a smallcase from your investments page , an overview of all that you can do with your smallcase will be displayed
  • When you select the ‘Exit’ tab, you’ll be given the option of choosing between a whole/complete exit or a partial exit
Confirm Exit Type screenshot

Note: If you have invested the minimum amount in a smallcase, the partial exit option will not be enabled

Enter partial exit amount

  • The current value of your smallcase will be displayed for your reference before you can go ahead with the partial exit
  • In the amount section, the maximum amount upto which you can place an order for partial exit will be auto displayed. If you have a want to exit for a lesser amount, you can input this (You can see the maximum amount upto which you can partially exit under the amount box)
  • Upon entering the amount, it will be adjusted to the closest possible amount to ensure that there are minimal changes in the weighting scheme
Input exit amount screenshot

Note: There will be some specific amounts where no stocks are found to sell (to prevent any modification to the weighting scheme)

Review & Place orders

  • After you confirm the specified amount, the sell orders that will be placed will be shown as a confirmation step
  • Upon placing the partial exit order, you’ll be asked to ‘Confirm’ to place the trades

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 5.58.25 PM

Note: You can view the partial exit order for a smallcase on the Orders page as a separate batch