Introducing Select smallcases

Cherry picking most recurrent stocks into 3 new smallcases


In the 14 months since we launched, the smallcases Platform has helped tens of thousands of retail investors invest better into stocks, aligning their investments with understandable ideas. A lot of you also told us you liked all smallcases & didn’t know where to start or had no specific theme/idea in your to invest in

Select smallcases are perfect for such investors. These smallcases cherry pick stocks which are present in most number of smallcases & provides an easy and seamless way to invest in & track these stocks

To start with, we have introduced three versions of these Select smallcases — Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap

A Mid Cap version will consist of mid cap stocks (market cap between Rs. 5,000 cr & Rs. 20,000 cr) which are present in most number of smallcases. Similarly, Large Cap (market cap > Rs. 20,000 cr) and Small Cap (market cap < Rs. 5,000 cr) versions will have stocks from its respective market capitalization categories

All versions of Select smallcases have significantly outperformed Nifty over different periods of time, as shown in the table below

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 7.59.16 AM

While investing in Select smallcases, you shouldn’t just look at the returns. Risk also plays a key role here. By risk, we mean the fluctuation in stock prices

A higher risk/volatility means more and bigger fluctuations. Generally, large cap stocks have lower risks and small cap stocks have the highest

So, if you are someone who doesn’t like huge swings in their portfolio, you would be better off with smallcase Select — Large Cap version. But if you are someone who is not worried about short term portfolio/market fluctuations and intend to hold the smallcase over a long period of time, the Mid Cap or Small Cap versions should work well for you

These smallcases are charged at a flat one-time fee of Rs. 200 + GST (Rs. 36)