Investing the smallcase way

Stop relying, start acting


smallcases are a new type of investment, completely different from what you would have observed and experienced in Mutual Funds, Stocks or ETFs.

This table compares the features of all these investment options with smallcase –

FeaturessmallcaseETFsMutual Funds(single) Stocks
Direct ownership of portfolio, reflecting one ideaY
Fully customizableY
Diversification benefitsYYY
No management feesYY
Greater control over capital gainsYYY
Tracking, rebalancing & trading supportY

Direct Ownership and Customization

  • A smallcase is a pre-tailored portfolio of stocks, tied to a theme, providing desired exposure for it.
  • With a smallcase you get the direct ownership of all the stocks in the portfolio, unlike ETFs or Mutual Funds where you get fund units.
  • Once you pick any ETF or Mutual Fund, there is no further customization available, but with smallcase you can add or delete stocks as per your preference or change the weights in the portfolio according to your needs. This ensures that a smallcase is a true representation of your thoughts and views about an idea.

Diversification Benefit with Lower Expenses

  • Smallcase is a portfolio of stocks, so you are never exposed to any stock specific risk and get all the benefits of portfolio diversification.
  • Mutual Funds also provide the diversification but with very high expense ratios.

An expense ratio of 2% per annum can take out more than INR 4,00,000 from your returns over a 10 year period, if you invest 10 lakhs and assume a 10% annual return

  • While saving on management fees, you can also save on brokerage commissions with smallcase. Unlike traditional brokerages, we don’t charge percentage based commissions. Every smallcase can be bought with a very small fixed upfront charge.

Greater Control and Tracking

  • With smallcase you get full control over the portfolio. Unlike Mutual Funds/ETFs, you get to pick which stocks should be added or deleted, if rebalancing is required or not, and have full control over capital gains.
  • Our platform also makes it easy to track your portfolio through customized indices, remain updated with all the news and events related to your investment, rebalance with a simple click.